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What is Youth in Motion TV?
Youth in Motion TV is a TV channel broadcasted on the Internet via social platforms such as YouTube, Dailymotion and Vimeo. This Web TV show is entirely created and animated by the youths of Little Burgundy.

Why create Youth in Motion TV?
To allow the youths to talk to their peers on a channel intended for them. Help prove to their elders they can present a common project in which they can put their neighborhood and their daily value. This channel will also give the opportunity to show to their elders, political instances and all of Montreal citizens, their initiatives to revitalize their neighborhood.

Youth in Motion TV objectives:
· Allow youths to express themselves freely.
· Appropriate a project they will develop from A to Z.
· Awareness among youths about their environment, history, past and future.
· Bring to light the youths from Little Burgundy, their neighborhood, their work and message.

What are the roles for Youth in Motion TV?
· Host
· Interviewer
· Cameramen / Camerawomen
· Editor
· Journalist
· Writer
· Actor / Actrice
· Dancer
· Comedian

Who are the sponsors for Youth in Motion TV?
· Canada Post Community Foundation
· Fondation du Grand Montréal
· Community Foundations of Canada
· Canada 150



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  • Projet Jeunes Citoyens
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