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Academic Tutoring
This program is designed to assist youth with their studies with the help of qualified tutors. This program runs from Monday to Friday from 4pm-8pm. We also help youths develop effective studying methods, how to take notes properly and various workshops that aim at preparing them for the workforce.

Leadership Group
The goal is to provide support, guidance, empowerment and offers young people an opportunity to share and express themselves in comfortable environment through workshops, special activities and group discussions.

Learn about hip hop and various art forms as well as learn how to write lyrics and apply them to music, how to perform, how to DJ, produce and make music in our studio.

Learn how to operate a camera, its features, the recording process and how to properly use a video editing software to add video clips together and create your own video productions.

Youth Exchange
This is a program in which our young people are able to visit youth from other cities and exchange ideas. It is a good learning experience because it provides them with an opportunity to learn about diverse people and their experiences.

Leadership, Workshop and Mentorshop Training
To develop leadership and life skills through planning events, fundraising, workshops, budgeting and much more.

Our Team

Michael P. Farkas
Event Coordinator
Rosemary Segee
Program Coordinator
Willy Rosario
Bernard Gibbs
Lavanya Pn.