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Past Workshops

Marking the Streets/Little Burgundy History

This workshop helped our youth learn the backgrounds of our parks and our neighbourhood as they had fun spray painting our alleyways.

Healthy & Equal Relationships

This workshop helped our youth learn how to have Mutual Respect, Self Respect and have a healthy Realtionship with each other; In the end, it helped them sort out what each topic meant to them accordingly to their personal opinion.

Don't Get Lost

This workshop is to help our staff prevent radicalization and to educate them.

Poetry & Rap Night for Women

This workshop was to bring out all the young female poets and rappers to express themselves. With te help of three guests : Carmen,Naisha, and Naya, with each their own type of beautiful poetry.

Musical Precussions

This workshop was to bring out the fun in our youths to play the ancient instruments.

Numbers that speak for themselves

This workshop was to teach the ouths how to properly budget themselves with money for school or any type of savings goal they have.

Rap & Poetry Night ( The History of Rap/Music)

We started Poetry Month by giving the background roots of RAP for our youths. They discovered how was rap formed, the first few artists who became famous for rap and many more videos and slideshows ,followed by the prepartion for their rap battle for the end of the month.

Road To Happiness

This workshop with our guest Gino X helped our youth discover some strategies based on the science of happiness to intentionally boost your happiness and lead a more fulfilling and enjoyable life.

Where are you with that?

Drug, alcohol and other dependencies. Where are you with that? Addiction to alcohol, cigarette, drugs, sexting, video games, fast food, cell phone and others.

Criminal Law with L.E.X.

What is Criminal Law? Defined as that branch of public law which defines crimes, treats of their nature and provides for their punishment. It is also sometime referred to as penal law.

Our Team

Michael P. Farkas
Event Coordinator
Rosemary Segee
Program Coordinator
Willy Rosario
Bernard Gibbs
Lavanya Pn.
Rodney Ramcharitar S.