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Our Music Program

The goal of the music program was to tap inside of youth interest for music. This program follows the mission of the organization as it aims at motivating youth to surpass them self in writing, vocal expression and keep the youth of the street. It also led to an entire 7 month of putting together an incredible album CD and DVD and sometimes live performances in front of respectable audiences.

The objectives of the program to reach its goal consisted of:
· Assessing and evaluating youth flow ability in a rhythm format
· Addressing lyrics subjects listened to concerning lifestyle choices and rationale
· Developing analytical skills
· Expressing emotions through constructive non harming channel
· Gaining a better understanding of the music industry
· Looking at hip hop as a culture: history, morals and commercialization

In order to reach these objectives, the program animator created a set of steps:
1) Presenting new music material youth are more and less familiar with and memorizing lyrics
2) Brainstorming individually and as a group
3) Writing skills: exploring words and building vocabulary
4) Refining the technique of recording in Studio
5) Attending live performance: learning stage performance
6) Performing practice to perform in upcoming event

This program is constituted in formal and informal workshops that emphasize more their art. And eventually elevate their work so it could be put on record. Many groups aged 11 to 18 participate in the weekly sessions of the music program, in which they develop their taste for various styles of making beats and songwriting. This approach to understanding the music from a craftsman position translates into concrete materialization. The youth who partake in the program demonstrate first hand the knowledge they gained while recording in YIM’s studio, where they lay down their impressive track. Throughout the program, the youth demonstrated keen interest attending almost religiously the sessions of the program.

Our Team

Michael P. Farkas
Event Coordinator
Rosemary Segee
Program Coordinator
Willy Rosario
Bernard Gibbs
Lavanya Pn.
Rodney Ramcharitar S.