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Youth in Motion, a grassroots community organization in Little Burgundy, strives to provide the community's young people with the skills necessary to overcome the stigma of living in a community that was once under siege by crime and that continues to struggle with poverty. Youth in Motion's mission is to empower its teenagers to become successful learners, make positive informed life choices and reach their full potential.

Youth in Motion's resources and services are available to the Little Burgundy's teenagers and young adults aged 11 to 25 years, many of whom are from single-parent families living below the poverty line.

Our goal is to aid in the development of youth potential through its programs and activities.
In order to reach this goal, Youth in Motion aims to
· Stress the importance of education
· Confer the value of self-respect and respect of others
· Introduce valuable experiences
· Inspire Youth in a positive way
· Recognition of success by their peers

Over the long term our objectives are to
· Play a leadership role in the community using preventive and protective training models
· Strengthen municipal partnerships to enlarge the scope of our services
· Develop a structure and process to deliver prevention models which match the local needs and culture
· Increase our planning capacity and resources

Located in the South West district of the city of Montreal, Youth in Motion operates in the Little Burgundy area. The organization is dedicated to serving the youth of the community and places a strong emphasis on programs that aim at education, recreation and culture. Through it’s programming, Youth in Motion impacts the educational and social development of youth who attend its facilities.

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