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Little Burgundy is located in the southwest region of Montreal. Early on, this area was the natural home of working class families because of accessible and affordable housing. Over the years, Little Burgundy became a neighbourhood with a core of low cost housing for families living below the poverty line.

Whenever the economic situation in Montreal deteriorated, poor communities were hardest hit. Drugs, crime and violence soon permeated Little Burgundy.

Parents feared that it was only a matter of time before the crime reached their young people. In 1989, in response to the urgent need to keep their teenagers out of trouble, some residents organized recreational activities in their homes. This stop-gap measure could only be sustained for so long. The residents reached out to community workers and pooled their resources to offer activities wherever space could be found; thus, Youth in Motion was created.

A year later, Youth in Motion became involved in Ville de Montreal's Project Jeunesse 2000. This project works in partnership with communities to bring various social, cultural and recreational activities to Montreal teens. Project Jeunesse 2000 provided Youth in Motion with much need resources: two youth workers and essential equipment.

The basement at 540 Vinet Street in Little Burgundy was a place for teenagers to participate in many different activities. In the fall of 1990, as a member of the Little Burgundy Coalition's Drug Prevention Committee, Youth in Motion received funding to offer a homework program. Two years later, in recognition of its positive impact on the community, the L'Office Municipale de L'Habitation de Montreal provided Youth in Motion with a small house at 852 Saint-Martin, which remains its present location.

Today, Youth in Motion continues to play an integral role in the lives of Little Burgundy's teenagers and their families. Parents are involved as volunteers in the centre's activities and as members of the Board of Directors. Youth in Motion is extremely proud to have received an award from the teenagers of Little Burgundy in recognition of its initiatives in youth programming.

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