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Education is a tool necessary to overcome poverty's effects on young people's lives. Youth in Motion offers programs designed to meet their individual strenghts and needs and provide opportunities to develop important skills.

Academic Support Activities
The heart of the academic support activities is tutoring. With the commitment of volunteers from colleges and universities, Youth in Motion offers its teenagers help with their homework, as well as one-on-one assistance. These volunteers also serve as positive role models.

Social Activities
Various activities are offered that help our youth live new experiences, improve their self-esteem and learn to respect others and themselves. This is accomplished through discussion groups, workshops and special events.

Inter-Cultural Activities
We help our teenagers build bridges with different cultural communities through shared activities that promote acceptance of others. We celebrated Black History Month with a Poetry Reading Night where our youth impressed a culturally diverse audience with their talent and imagination.

Recreational Activities
The various recreational activities are determined by our teenagers and have been as diverse as the young people themselves. These activities help promote team spirit and a sense of ownership of the centre.

I. Academic Activities

Volunteer Recruitment
Tutoring is the heart of our academic activities. We require countless hours of commitment and hard work from our volunteers.
· Recruit more volunteers from the community, colleges and universities with academic backgrounds in core subjects.
· Train volunteers in tutoring and effective communication.

Family / School Liaison
It is important for us to create partnerships with the youth, their families and schools.
· Help parents advocate for their children.
· Take direction from teachers to help students meet school standards.

Learning Projects
Young people need excellent reading, writing and analytical skills.
· Provide an interactive, hands-on setting to stimulate curiosity.
· Develop and implement enrichment projects in Science, Math, French and English.

Computer Class
Our young people need to be computer literate.
· Purchase new computers and software.
· Offer workshops in word processing and spreadsheets, etc.
· Provide the opportunity to practice their skills using assorted software.

Youth in Motion does not want a lack of financial resources to prevent its youth from continuing their education.
· Offer our young people financial help to further their education.

II. Social Activities

Leadership Activities
Our teenagers need decision-making and problem-solving skills to be leaders in their community.
· Teach communication, conflict resolution and other leadership skills.
· Encourage youth to return the following year as mentors for other youth.

Prevention Activities
Youth in Motion helps its youth develop strategies to cope with drug and alcohol abuse, violence, teen pregnancy, and other social issues.
· Present a series of information workshops, videos and group discussions.
· Invite people who have successfully overcome such difficulties to speak to our youth about their experiences.

Job Preparation
(The world of work provides rewards not available elsewhere). The work experience is a reality that our young people should know more about.
· Teach them how to evaluate their skills and experiences.
· Train them how to prepare for an interview, write a resume and search for a job.
· Invite young entrepreneurs to speak to them about their successes and challenges.

Summer Job
Our summer jobs is an excellent way for youth to serve their community while learning about the economy. It is a training ground for them to put the theory into practice.
· Recognize their individual and collective capabilities and responsibilities.
· Learn management skills (administration, accounting, human resources and marketing).

Our Team

Michael P. Farkas
Event Coordinator
Rosemary Segee
Program Coordinator
Willy Rosario
Bernard Gibbs
Lavanya Pn.
Rodney Ramcharitar S.